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The Redcats Group is a French based international group of fashion and lifestyle brands that includes the leading French fashion mail-order catalogue La Redoute.

In 1873 a Frenchmen called Joseph Pollet founded a wool mill in Roubaix selling worsted wools. By 1897 his son Charles had taken over and expanded the business opening a number of new plants, one of them located in the Rue de La Redoute.

The concept of a mail order business came about accidently during World War I when Charles Pollet had the idea the company stock through advertisments in the local newspaper.

In 1928, Pollet created his first 16 page catalogue. By 1956 La Redoute expanded its' catalogue to include home decor, accessories and furniture. Since the opening of the first La Redoute catalogue store in 1966 the corporate entity has expanded by aquiring a number of diverse retail outlets. In the 80's, Movitex, Cyrillus, Vertbaudet and Empire Stores were taken over or an interest in these companies was aquired. In the 1990's further purchases included Ellos from Sweden and Brylane in the USA and by 1999 the changing nature of the Group's international outlook was reflected in a change of name and the La Redoute Group changed it's corporate name to Redcats.

  • 1873 - Founded by Joseph Pollet
  • 1897 - Charles Pollet expands business
  • 1922 - Birth of the "Filatures de La Redoute" brand
  • 1928 - First 16 page mail order catalogue
  • 1963 - Change of corporate name from "Filatures de La Redoute" to "La Redoute Roubaix"
  • 1966 - Opening of first La Redoute store
  • 1995 - La Redoute launches in the UK
  • 1999 - La Redoute group of companies renamed to Redcats
  • 2006 - Redcats beomes Redcats Group and has a change of logo
  • 2010 - Redcats Group reverts back to Redcats