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3 Suisses

The 3 Suisses brand name was created in 1932 by Xavier Toulemonde in order to sell knitting wool by mail order. The wool was produced in the Toulemonde-Destombes family spinning mills. He began by selling his wool in Holland and Belgium but following World War 2 he expanded into Germany and Austria.

In 1949 the first 3 Suisses clothing catalogue was produced. It was only in black and white 3suisses catalogue and had 24 pages of products. By the 1960's the catalogue had expanded to include household goods as well as clothing.

In 1981, 50% of the company was sold to OTTO, 45% sold to the Mulliez Family Partnership (one of the wealthiest families in France owning a number of clothing retail chains) and 5% to Soparsuis (a group of 3 Suisses exceutives).

  • 1932 - Founded by Xavier Toulemonde
  • 1949 - First clothing catalogue produced
  • 1981 - 50% share sold to OTTO